• Who we are

    In 2013, with the support of Pradeep Ghisulal Rathod, we started exploring Jainism as Project Anveshan.

    Through our research and multimedia storytelling, we grew into Jainism.com, a new platform dedicated to answering two broad questions: what is Jainism and how is it relevant today?
    We believe:

    • in cultural diversity, biodiversity, and truth diversity
    • that harmonious coexistence between all life is possible

    We welcome the Jain community, ascetics, and scholars, and people from all walks of life to share their knowledge with us, and we are keen to consider multiple viewpoints in our work. Our guides have been experts, practitioners, ascetics, and scholars, including Padmanabh S. Jaini, Satish Kumar, and the late Madhusudan Amilal Dhaky.

  • Our lens

    Our journey began with questions.

    Although drawn to Jainism for various reasons, we agree: Jainism is not only about the rituals and rules. We will dig into the philosophy, meaningful practice, and dialogue that this complex movement requires; a movement to consume less, forgive more, and practice non-violence at every level. We would like to bring Mahavira to our time, and not leave him and his values fossilized in the past. We view Jainism as living religion and as a way of life.

    We invite friends and the Jain community to consider the issues of food, consumption, waste, consumer culture, free speech, climate change, and social equality. We feel that systematic Jain philosophies and spiritual practices have much to teach, and want to understand what it means to be Jain in this day and age. We will explore how Jains can affect the world by being Jain in a meaningful way. All of us believe that all religions, traditions, and sects represent a shared truth in different ways.

  • The platform and deliverables

    Jainism.com is an online and offline platform aimed at creating new materials on Jainism, and on bringing the community together. We hope to use the mediums of film, art, photography, articles, research, meetings, festivals, and other platforms that will bring to light different views and different ways of practice. Jainism.com will curate content on Jainism and related subjects for easy access.

  • Join us

    As we embark on this journey we are looking for support in various ways, from access to materials, to donations in order to run the organization, and suggestions on what you would like to see from us.

    Write to us at contact@jainism.com

    Or please fill out the following form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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