• Parasparopagrahojivanam

    Our small but balanced team curates the content and runs the project, but we depend on countless people, within and outside the Jain community, for our work.

    This is us, and to describe ourselves, we borrowed some words from those we look up to.

    Rajiv Rathod

    “The earth is my teacher. Universities make us stupid. The most highly educated people of the world create wars, not an illiterate person like my mother, or the poor farmers who grow food.”
    ~Satish Kumar


    Sweta Daga

    "This entire thing comes out of will power. And this will power is seen as a shrama; in the sense that it is a real exercise."
    ~Padmanabh S. Jaini


    Dhruva Ghosh

    "I am a gunagrahi.
    I don't condemn anyone.
    I know that everyone has something good; I take that... work with that."
    ~Madhusudan Amilal Dhaky


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    As we embark on this journey we are looking for support in various ways, from access to materials, to donations in order to run the organization, and suggestions on what you would like to see from us.

    Write to us at contact@jainism.com

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